List of available equipment


Microscope and Spectrometer  FTIR



Individual chemical bonds, as well as groups of bonds, vibrate at characteristic frequencies. When exposed to infrared (IR) radiation, molecules selectively absorb radiation at frequencies that match those of their allowed vibrational modes. Measurement of the absorption of IR radiation by the sample as a function of frequency produces a spectrum that can be used to identify functional groups and consequently structure. FTIR provides specific information about chemical bonding and molecular structure. The HYPERION is the culmination of more than 20 years experience in FT-IR microanalysis. Significant improvements in the design of the optics, mechanics and electronics provide a very stable and reliable system for routine laboratory work and even the most demanding R&D investigations. Featuring full automation, infrared chemical imaging, crystal-clear sample viewing and a wide variety of IR and visible objectives, the HYPERION provides the most sensitive microanalysis easily and efficiently. Selection of transmission/reflection and viewing/infrared as well as initiation of data collection can be accessed on the microscope front panel or in the software. The motorized stage can be used to position the sample manually with the joystick or through the software by pointing and clicking. Sample mapping and autofocus are available to make the collection of data on more efficient. Discrete point, line, and arrayed maps are easily defined using the OPUS™ MAP software package.



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